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Resources you can trust.

There are so many things you need to know about Montana real estate. 

It simply isn't like other places, so it is extremely important to be represented by a knowledgeable real estate professional. 

That being said, here are some helpful resources to start the process and help you understand some basics when purchasing in Montana.

RCEH Groundwater Info 2
RCEH Groundwater Info 1
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Groundwater Monitoring Results in Ravalli County

Groundwater monitoring results for 2024 will not be accepted due to the low snow pack.

What this means is if a property requires groundwater monitoring for septic approval purposes, the results for this year will not be accepted and no septic approval will be granted this year on that particular property. 

RCEH will still monitor pipes to collect data, but you'll have to wait until 2025, in the hopes of greater snow water levels to monitor groundwater and hopefully receive septic approval.

There are so many questions to be aware of when investigating a property to buy (or even sell).  Investing in land is a big decision, and knowing the ins and outs can make all the difference. From zoning regulations to potential development opportunities, the details matter! That's why having an experienced real estate professional by your side is key. 🔑

As skilled real estate agents Montana, we often make the task of investigation look fairly simple, but it’s important to realize there are several complexities to navigate during the process. Have questions? Feel free to contact us.

Here’s a brief look at some important questions to be aware of when researching a property.


  • Does the property have city water or a private well?

  • If there is a well, is there a recorded well log? What about a recorded domestic right with DNRC?

  • Are there water rights or water shares off ditches, streams, or creeks?


  • Is there a private septic system, or is the property serviced by city sewer? 

  • If there is a private septic system, is it conforming or non-conforming? Is there a filed permit with the county? Do you have a copy of the permit from RCEH?


  • What does the plat look like? Are there any easements?

  • Are the corner pins / property boundaries marked?

  • Where are your ingress/egress location(s)? 

  • Is the property located with direct access off a county road? If yes, is there a valid approach permit?

  • If it's off a private road, is there a valid Road Maintenance Agreement (RMA) in place? 

More Property Questions

  • Are there any covenants? Zoning? Deed restrictions? HOAs?

  • Has a title search been completed? Any clouds or liens?

  • Is it in the floodplain? 

  • What school/fire/voting district?

Don't leave your purchase to chance – trust an expert like me to guide you through the process.

Property in Corvallis, Montana

Ravalli County, Montana

Image by Steven Cordes

Missoula, Montana

Image by Josiah Gardner


Kalispell, Whitefish, and Surrounding Areas

For a comprehensive guide to Western Montana, Bitterroot Valley Edition, click the download button below. 

It's full of valuable information about roads and access, utilities, water, property rights, wildlife, agriculture, Bitterroot Valley history, a checklist for living here in the county, resources, and more. 

Western MT BV Edition Cover.png

Ravalli County Motor Vehicles

406-375-6585     215 S 4th St, Hamilton, MT 59840

Driver Services Bureau

406-444-1772     1720 N 1st St, Hamilton MT 59840

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